A Suite of Features

Komms's full suite of features enables teams to take control of their Telegram community which creates an optimal experience for their blockchain ecosystem. Everything your team needs for a fully automated community.

Komms Referral System

Grow with our Referral System

Enable referrals so your users can get their own unique url to invite their network to your community.

Referrals work best if there is a reward for inviting a user’s network to your community. You can use weekly or monthly giveaways for swag, airdrop bonuses, etc. Track the leaders in the referral leaderboard.

Cross Community Security

Komms's mission is to make Telegram communities more secure. So, we set up cross community security.

TL;DR: When a bot or scammer gets banned in one community, they get banned in all communities that use Komms.

Komms Security
Komms Moderation

Automated Moderation

Full community automation that works for you 24/7 so you can focus on more important tasks.

Built for Blockchain communities, but used by everyone!

Komms Bot was created with the intention to fully support Blockchain communities with features like ERC-20 address recognition, KYC, and User Verification.