Why is the KommsBot not working?

Make sure the bot is set to "Admin" in your Telegram group.

Will Komms's service ever go down?

Komms is hosted on AWS, so the only time that it could ever go down is if AWS has a service outage.

I'm having trouble logging into the admin dashboard.

Telegram authentication has trouble with using Safari and currently the only way to combat that is to use another browser.

Can Komms grab previous history of the group and put it into the analytics?

Telegram doesn't provide data, so we have to track it on our own. This means that we can not track history before Komms was added to the group.

We love Komms and our trial is over. Can we pay a reduced rate?

Unfortunatly, since we are a bootstrapped company and hosting everything on top servers so our service doesn't ever go down, we can not really make exceptions at this time. However, we are setting up a referral program that will help the price go down.

Can we pay with Bitcoin or Ethereum?

Not at this time, but you never know!